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Caring for Your Skin This Winter

Hello, and welcome back!

Today I wanted to take a quick diversion from the 'Spotlight On' series, in favour of discussing something else: skin. More specifically, as the title suggests, how the cooler weather of the Autumn and Winter months affect the skin and how this can be averted. Drier skin is something I definitely notice as the transition from Summer commences and I find myself having to constantly apply moisturiser, hand cream etc.

What causes the skin to change in colder climates?

Colder temperatures usually mean humidity is low, resulting in drier skin. Plus, strong, cold winds can often take the moisture away from any exposed skin, as it strips the skin's natural protective barrier, allowing water to escape. A lack of humidity in the air can also cause some skin conditions to flare up, such as eczema, rosecea and psoriasis. Lips can also suffer in the cold, as the skin is thin and therefore sensitive, causing them to become sore and chapped. One product that comes to mind is the Tropic Skincare Signature Hand Lotion, infused with shea butter to provide instant hydration and softness to your hands.

What are the solutions?

Alas, not all is doom and gloom! There are many things you can do to alleviate the symptoms of affected skin during the coolder months. The first of which, is fairly easy: switch up your typical skinacre routine, swapping out lighter moisturisers for richer ones and applying lip balms and hand cream often.

It sounds strange, but sometimes resisting the urge to out the central heating on full whack can be beneficial for your skin. Indoor, heated air can lead to low humidity, which can have the same effect as standing outdoors in the cold, believe it or not. Alternatively, try wrapping up in layers to keep warm.

As tempting as it can be to have a super-hot shower when coming in from the cold, these can also contribute to skin dryness. Just like cool winds, hot showers can deprive the skin of its protective barrier, once again allowing moisture to escape. A solution to this is to stick to relatively warm showers instead. With this in mind, be mindful of not over-bathing or over-cleaning the skin. Apply moisurisers to the skin after any baths or showers to keep it replenished.

One final thing: make sure you're eating well! Make sure to be eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals, and be wary of eating too much food that is high in carbohydrates.

How do you care for your skin in the winter?

Love, Anya x

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