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Spotlight On: Milkshake's Incredible Milk

Welcome back!

Where has this year gone? It’s hard to believe it’s September, with only sixteen weeks left until we say ‘hello’ to 2020! Madness.

Today on the blog, in the next installment of my ‘Spotlight On’ series, I wanted to talk about Mikshake’s Incredible Milk! This award-winning product is suitable for all types of hair, used after washes and before styling/blow-drying. One of a milky consistency – hence the name – the product performs twelve different functions in one, all to benefit your hair!

The product:

  1. Repairs split ends

  2. Protects colour

  3. Induces shine

  4. Helps to make hairstyles long-lasting

  5. Smoothens the hair cuticle

  6. Detangles the hair

  7. Makes heat styling easier

  8. Adds body and volume to the hair

  9. Protects from heat damage

  10. Protects from UV damage

  11. Helps to control frizz

Crazy, right?

Active ingredients within the Incredible Milk formula include milk proteins, vitamin E, fruit extracts and muru muru butter, extracted from the muru muru palm, found in the Amazon Rainforest and is commonly used as a moisturiser.

" Milk_Shake Incredible Milk has been named Best Hair Treatment at the 2016 Beauty Short List Awards after winning Hair Magazine Awards 2015 as The Best Leave-In Conditioner" - Milkshake

So, as always, if you fancy giving this award-winning product a whirl, get in touch with the Sisu Squad or pop into the salon for more details regarding pricing, ingredients and more!

Love, Anya x

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